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JJ, you can find 2 approaches to bond previous concrete with new concrete. 1st can be a chemical bond by way of a bonding agent. Second is a mechanical bond By the use of rebar or wire lath. The mechanical bond provides far more durability and strength if set up effectively. - Chris Technological Companies

I've a 30ft by 50ft new store and the contractor let the concrete setup on him before he got it finished smooth. What to do? - dan

I have a one-one/two inch fall in the exterior door to your slab peak in the porch. The ADA involves me to taper this into the porch peak. What merchandise allows me to taper down to almost nothing without cracking along with the previous slab developing a ramp - Warren

Scott, Understand that by creating this dam you will be leaving yourself open up to water puddling with the base of your stairs. When the slab carries on to settle the dam will probably be over operate.

Hi.. Thanks. Would using some sort of bonding agent Besides the mechanical bonding support maintain the feel in between the old and new from cracking or if not currently being very noticeable? - Ryan

My asphalt driveway is 200ft and downhill. It connects to some concrete pad that serves for the "turnaround" region that we again our cars out from the garage on to. When it rains, the rain flows down the driveway and on to the concrete, which has a slight pitch to the best. The two' vast grass strip on the proper edge of the concrete pad collects the entire rain water, remaining moist all the time. I want to place some berms within the asphalt to divert some of the water from coming down the hill. Continue to, I must do a little something with the concrete. I would like to put a little control..couple of inches superior x by 4" broad on top of the existing concrete and alongside that suitable edge. Theoretically, the water would then journey along that concrete control into the small corner, where by I have a drain that spills right into a ditch several toes to the right of this concrete pad (other side of grass spot).

Bob and Greg, you can use the Sakrete Sand Combine modified with the Sakrete Bonder & Fortifier to cap that slab. You will require to make sure that the slab contains a tough surface and clean up it to get rid of any free Grime, dust, particles, paint, and or sealers.

I've a porch we've been putting a sidder in the trouble is on one particular aspect contact it the left facet going through the slidder is art zero and the proper side is reduce 2.five inches.I provide the liquid bonding agent and b levelor 6 bags.

Doug, no this would not be structurally audio. Concrete can only be utilized at at least 2" thick. We simply cannot offer you a suggestion for a footing depth prerequisite on account of area developing codes. You would have to get that data from your regional Scheduling Office. - Lee-Specialized Service

Aaron, Of course, the entire skim coat will need to be eliminated by what ever signifies vital. Try not to go too aggressive at first. Will probably be improved if the fabric arrives off the wall without having to use harsh methods. A very good pressure washer may perhaps choose it off. Just after it's all eliminated, you will have to clean the wall to eliminate any free material dust and or debris.

Watch 10 additional comments... Dan, because this can be a abnormal application we suggest contacting my sources an organization that makes a speciality of such a remedial function. Sadly we do not provide a product which will suffice for this sort of application. - Chris Specialized Companies

Hello there - the passage for the aspect of my house which happens to concrete waterproofing chemicals be fifteen metres x 2.4 metres waterproofing concrete additive is concrete slabs but now seeking really unhappy it absolutely was laid in sections with expansion joints between now gone out of level in destinations with several cracks by it and I need to simply put a leading coat over it to even it up and unify it all - its a big space - but I don't need it to break the lender.Is it possible to advocate a way forwards? Thanks, Bron. - Bron.

The sting of my generate really crosses over the roadside curb. Am i able to Construct-up a concrete "changeover" an inch or so thick down to 0" within the radius from the curb to get rid of the "bump" issue? We've got destroyed a handful of autos that went over that bump. If so, what do I really need to do? - J. Holly

William, With regards to the depth of the realm, you may use Top rated'n Bond in many levels. Your will require to Permit Every single layer dry for about one hour and then utilize the subsequent layer. The venture will must be finished within 24 several hours.

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